Arabic Translation Series

Series title: Morocco and its Mediterranean Surroundings: Jewish Texts and Translations

المغرب ومحيطه المتوسطي: نصوص يهودية وتراجم

Series Editors: Khalid Ben-Srhir and Aomar Boum

Translation is a key mode of intellectual conversation and academic exchange. This series grants scholars in Morocco and North Africa access to scholarship produced in the United States on Jews in the Mediterranean by stewarding translations from English into French and Arabic.   We partner with Dr. Khalid Ben-Srhir, a pillar of scholarly translation in Jewish Studies.  Prior to our cooperation with Ben-Srhir, he translated books by Susan Miller and Daniel Schroeter into Arabic. Since 2014, we have worked with him (and the Université Mohammed V, Rabat and Université Internationale de Rabat) to identify, translate, and publish path breaking books on the Jews of Morocco.  This act of collaboration and translation will, we believe, influence academic production in the region–prompting students and faculty to engage with cutting-edge scholarship and, in turn, contribute to Mediterranean Jewish Studies.

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